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NEW: THOTH & The Keys To Atlantis

The myth of Atlantis knows many tales and has held people's fascination for hundreds of years. But did you know that Atlantis was not the earthly landmass everyone believes it to be? Atlantis is, in fact, a series of planes, or islands, which form a continent in a higher dimension.

This book is an updated interpretation of the Emerald Tablets, which were supposedly written by Thoth many thousands of years ago. It presents a completely new perspective on the beliefs surrounding the Flood, the Lost World of Atlantis, and the After Life.

This intriguing and highly inspirational interpretation sheds light on how the negativity of people has unbalanced the Earth and separated it from this once known pinnacle of beauty, as it falls into the lower dimensions of darkness and chaos.


Thoth holds the Keys to Atlantis and hands them to whomever chooses to follow the Pathway to Light. The time has come for humanity to remember the truth behind the myth. So let us begin.

You and Your Mobile Home  - a healing manual -

Published 2019


This highly recommended book, 'You and Your Mobile Home', is a fascinating insight into the dynamics of health and happiness through belief and emotion. Malcolm S. Southwood has, after almost 40 years of practical and spiritual experience, managed to find a balance between spiritual insight and medical facts. As a professional spiritual-healing therapist, Southwood has been able to see through the dogma and self-interests of both the spiritual and medical worlds. This book is full of practical examples and exercises which, in some deep part of the soul, we can all associate with and which will help us to understand ourselves and our problems at a practical level.


This exciting insight of the human experience should be read and considered by all levels of society - the scientists, the religious and the layperson - so they can begin to see both themselves and others with understanding and empathy.

Where The Soul Flies

Published in 2018


In this book 'Where the Soul Fies' Malcolm S. Southwood describes what to expect when we leave this world to move into the next one. He uses his own experience of out-of-body states to explain a process we will all come to know at some future date. In a matter-of-fact way, he guides the reader through the various situations the traveller will most probably be guided. He goes on to explain the purpose of rebirth, family associations, the number of earthly visits we are likely to endure and the process of re-entry back into the lessons of earthly life.


'Where the Soul Flies' is an essentail read for everyone interested in the experience which follows life and who wants to understand something of the process of eternal awareness.

Teach Me How To Love

This delightful book, Teach Me How To Love So I Can Heal, is a prescription for living life in perfect awareness. It was written because a young girl named Chrissie wanted to heal herself and learn more about spiritual love. She asked Malcolm S. Southwood, renowned spiritual healer and teacher, the questions the rest of us would like to ask a very wise teacher.

A Helping Hand With Children

In A Helping Hand With Children, Malcolm Southwood has written a sensitive, logical guide explaining children's reactions to how they are parented. He writes of the different personality types - the Serious Child, the Fun-loving Child, and the Passive Child - and how the way their basic needs are met determines their future responses as adults.

Pyramids Of The Mind

Chrissie’s back and as curious as ever!
Join Chrissie and Malcolm in their lively conversations as Chrissie learns about:

  • problems of fast or early birth
  • when and how spirit inhabits the body
  • subconscious: the controlling energy of memory
  • the relationships between pyramids and labyrinths, and sphinxes and minotaurs
  • the creative energy of spiritual awareness
  • spiritual changes occuring after death
  • angels, time, healing and more

The Healing Experience

In The Healing Experience, Malcolm Southwood describes his commonsense approach to spiritual healing and explains why it works. He uses dozens of successful cases from his own practice to illustrate his ideas and cut through the dogma that surrounds most of the healing world.

His cases include patients with spine trouble, tumors, phobias, arthritis, stress, injury, migraine, insomnia, weight problems, pain, psychosomatic illness, infertility, and much more.