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Malcolm S. Southwood
Spiritual Healer - Teacher - Author - Consultant


Malcolm S. Southwood was born in England in 1940. During the early part of his life he worked in practical agriculture, later he developed his own research, development and marketing organisation. 

His close connection to agriculture and the world of nature enabled him to become aware of energies, or forces, that balance all life and how the use of chemicals and human manipulation are destroying the natural regeneration forces, which are the guardians of health and happiness. Many of his teaching and healing techniques are inspired by his observations of nature.

Malcolm discovered his healing abilities in 1982. Gradually, he realized and accepted that he had a "powerful energy" that could not be explained by conventional medicine but could be transferred to others, causing a change in their well-being. After giving up his business interests, Malcolm began concentrating on understanding and utilizing this inner power and the naturally occurring energies of nature. He learned how to use his inner power, some call it a gift, to release both physical and emotional suffering in the majority of those, who come to him for help. More importantly, Malcolm is able to bring out a person's own inner regenerative powers, so that the individuals can come into their own potential for health and happiness.

As a professional healer Malcolm has worked in the UK, America, Germany and Switzerland with running workshops for professional therapists, doctors and the general public.
He has on three occasions lectured at the World Presidents Organisation, as well as lecturing and working in hospitals in America and Switzerland. As a consultant to healing professionals as well as personal healing, Malcolm now confines his work to his home town in the UK, treating and advising on a variety of conditions involving physical, emotional, and spiritual issues too numerous to mention.

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