"You are master of nothing, until you are master of yourself."


Healing energy is a power we all have. It’s the energy that flows through all life and when in balance keeps us healthy and happy. Sometimes the forces of the body become unbalanced which results in the many physical and emotional problems we experience.

A healer is someone with a strong and balanced energy system of their own and who is able to understand and use the many different natural forces that regulate and balance life and happiness. A healer will know how to use the natural forces of life to the advantage of others. It’s therefore obvious that the healer has to be a well-balanced personality with a strong connection to all levels of awareness.

Healing energy is of three types; physical, emotional and spiritual. Of course, in practice all three are utilized in the healing but emphasis will be put into the type of help the patient needs. The principle driving force of healing power is total acceptance of the situation, without judgement. It is an energy that comes from a higher force than normal consciousness. I don’t subscribe to any particular religion but have total belief in a power some call God that guides and directs the work I do.

Every individual is unique and treated in the unique way that is necessary for their needs. To share my experiences gathered over the past forty years and with over 30'000 patients I have produced a healing manual 'You and Your Mobile Home'.

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